Executive Search & Recruitment

Swift Solution started with the vision of sourcing the right kind of candidates for our clients because people are our assets. We believe the right job can transform a person’s life and the right person can transform a business. We’re passionate about connecting our clients with the best candidates to transform their business. In challenging economic times, recruiters need to adopt new strategies in order to capture the limited pool of incentives tendered by businesses. Our recruitment professionals adopt specific strategies enabling them to deliver real value to potential employers.

Swift empower its recruiters to:

Maximize the Value of Existing Network & Finding New Clients

Using corporate family information to identify new contacts within the account base and uncover new opportunities. Establishing credibility using industry, company and executive intelligence to craft personalized messages and grasp industry trends.

Exploiting Niche Areas That Are In Demand

Even in tough economic times, certain skill sets remain in demand. One of the most effective strategies to maintain a flow of successful placements is to cultivate a deep pool of candidates within areas of niche hiring. Finding pools of valuable candidates and track developments within target industries with comprehensive, in-depth company and executive information that is searchable by geography, title, industry and more.

Intensifying Candidate Preparation

Solidify relationships with hiring managers by presenting well-prepared, viable candidates. Stand out in their mind as a professional who is a true asset in the hiring process. Tools like executive bios provide a fast, reliable means of giving candidates the inside track with solid company information and insights about key executives at the target company. We focus on placing professionals at the following levels:

  • Directors and CEOs.
  • Senior Management.
  • Middle Management.

We place quality at the center of our HR activities and solicit candid feedback at every step-to continually improve the quality of service to our clients.


With the aid of this process, human resource activities of an organization are outsourced to help them focus on core competencies. Often HR functions are complex and time consuming, creating difficulty in managing other important thrust areas. By HR outsourcing, this problem can be avoided. Outsourcing will enhance effectiveness by focusing on what the organization is best at. It will also improve the flexibility of the organization to the rapidly changing business needs. Clients may require employees based on project need for specific areas. This may include short-term assignments that work well for minimizing project overload, reducing staff cost and meeting deadlines. This may add long-term or project oriented workforce to assist core staff and infuse new talent into organization's commercial and manufacturing operations.

We take pride in the following fields of outsourcing:

  • Administrative and Support Staff.
  • Accounting and book keeping .
  • Customer support.
  • Market research and lead generation.
  • Copywriting.
  • Data entry.

  • Training & Career Development:

    The success of a training program is evaluated in terms of the end result or the increase in the work ability, skill or competency of the trainee. For any training program to be successful it is very essential to follow a certain process.

    It consists of four stages which are Assessment, Development, Delivery and Evaluation.



  • At Swift Solution, the process of training begins with need Assessment stage. The aim of the assessment stage is to understand whether training is required. If the answer is yes; the next step is determining competency or skills gaps and the appropriate training intervention required. The training intervention is essentially decided in terms of ATTITUDE, SKILL and KNOWLEDGE (ASK), the combination of which is called as competency. The assessment also called as the ‘training needs analysis’ is undertaken at three levels, the job, the individual and organizational analysis.

  • Once the training need analysis is complete, the next stage is that of Development. This stage involves the development of content and the training material. Right from designing the appropriate environment to deciding the various tools, everything is taken care of in the development stage. Games, A/V’s, Case Studies, Class room intervention are various means that may be decided upon apart from the content delivered. For example, in behavioral training emotional intelligence, teamwork, listening are examples of competencies that are required to perform superior work. The same may be transferred into the trainees through any of the above means depending upon various factors like demographics, job nature. etc. which are taken care of in the first stage.


  • The most important stage and perhaps the least talked upon from the training process is the Delivery. Once the development stage is over, it is time to conduct the training. Factors like time and venue of delivery are already decided in the earlier stages. There are various factors that determine the process of delivery like the participant demographics, the training intervention, the individual style of the trainer etc. This brings in a lot of diversity to the training programs.


  • Evaluation is the last stage in the training process and more important from the perspective of evaluation of the effectiveness of training. It is aimed at analyzing whether the training has been effective in achieving the objective (bridging the competency gap, changing the attitude, developing new skills. etc.).

  • For the evaluation to be effective the both the criteria and design for training program is decided so that there is no discrepancy and the participants can evaluate the benefits effectively for themselves. The evaluation is made based on participant reaction to the training, their learning and the change in behavior. This feedback is then reused in the first step ‘training needs analysis’ for making future training more effective.

  • Overseas Recruitment & Manpower Management:

    Swift Solution not only possesses unparalleled expertise in local hiring but also in international recruitment. We have a deep understanding of international man power recruitment services and help in providing international firms with comprehensive recruitment solutions so as to maximize clients' manpower potential. While recruiting people for international operations, our managers identify the global competitiveness of the potential applicants at the time of the recruiting process. They also have knowledge about the skills and availability of human resources in different labour markets in the world. Our department has the capacity to foresee the changes in these markets and exploit those changes productively. Our recruiters insist on hiring people from all over the world and place them throughout the international business operations of the organization. Hiring foreign workers can be a challenging and daunting process. Swift Solutions' International Recruitment & Manpower Management business has designed a procedure to make it convenient, easy and efficient for our clients to successfully hire foreign workers and professionals. With our international hiring process, you can confidently rely on us for hassle free manpower recruitment and be assured of continuous post-placement support. Our international recruitment wing takes the following steps for its valuable clients:


    Our consultants work closely with you to fully understand the job description and job specification. This is critical to ensure clear communication to our international recruitment partners on the terms and requirements when sourcing for foreign labour.


    Our overseas recruitment partners will search for the reliable source based on the agreed requirements and specifications. They will tap into their databank, network and advertise. Preliminary screening is done to provide a pool of candidates for short listing.


    Suitable candidates go through a short listing process. This may include language tests, trade and skills tests, personality tests and assessment interviews. Resume information and educational qualifications are also verified for accuracy. Once completed, we present our clients with the short list for interview and final selection.


    The client can complete the interviews and finalize selection from the short listed candidates. We can arrange phone, video and if required, face to face interviews and assessments in the source country.


    Selected candidates are notified and offered contracts. We can provide assistance to our clients in preparing the contracts. Where candidates do not understand English, we have the contracts translated to their local language. Terms are clearly explained to ensure no future misunderstandings.


    We coordinate the selected candidates travel to country of employment. Airport reception, medical examination and other arrangements needed for them to start work.

    Facilities Management:

    Business owners may have the option of hiring their own supporting staff for cleaning their buildings or engaging a facilities management company to clean and maintain the premises. Entrepreneurs nowadays believe that there are numerous benefits of hiring a facilities management company. They also understand that there are certain elements to look for in such a company. Our professionals place quality service as their top priority. Swift’s Facilities Management wing is dedicated to planning, maintaining and improving our client’s premises. Also, it aims at nurturing a positive working relationship between our junior staff and the client’s employees in order to promote an environment for success. As a small step to eradicate poverty and to create job opportunities, we have diversified into the following supporting activities:

    • 1. Janitorial Services.
    • 2. Fumigation Service.
    • 3. Administrative Support Staff Services.

We aim to provide administrative support staff to our clients as well. Our contractual services manage the custodial contracts, such as, general cleaning of the client’s office space, the extermination program such as, the treatment of office buildings and grounds to maintain control of pests and small animals for the general welfare of the community.

Precursor Verification:

Protecting our clients is our great concern. For this purpose, we facilitate our customers with an Employee Precursor Verification tool. This tool is used to confirm information and details provided by the client regarding their employee. Our professionals provide services to verify the employee from the respective organizations and institutes. Swift Solution is offering a variety of important and necessary verification services listed below:

  • Educational Document verification (National and International).
  • Employment Verification.
  • NADRA Verification.
  • Residential Verification.
  • Police Verification.
  • Personal Reference Verification.