Power Products & Solutions

Power Products & Solutions is qualified with the experience and professionalism to support your electrical power system – we will make sure the power stays on. Using proven diagnostic testing techniques, predictive testing and analysis, equipment performance analysis, and scheduled maintenance, we work to deliver optimum system reliability and performance. We specialize in Acceptance, Maintenance, and Predictive Testing of a wide variety of power systems.

Our Full List of Services Includes

  • Acceptance and Maintenance Testing.
  • Circuit Breaker Repair and Retrofit.
  • MV Cable Terminations and Testing.
  • Short Circuit and ARC Flash Studies.
  • MV Circuit Breaker Repair and Retrofit.
  • LV Circuit Breaker Repair and Retrofit.
  • MV and LV Switchgear, Switchboard, and Panelboard Testing and Maintenance.
  • MV Cable High Potential Testing.
  • MV Cable Tan Delta Cable Testing.
  • Protective Relay Testing and Calibration.
  • MV and LV Circuit Breaker Testing.
  • Transfer Switch Testing and Maintenance.
  • Transformer Testing and Fluid Analysis.
  • Commissioning and Load Bank Testing of UPS, Generators, and ATS.
  • Commissioning.
  • Infrared Scanning
  • Battery Testing.
  • Motor Testing.
  • Ground and Bond Testing.
  • Power Factor Testing.
  • Meter Calibration and Testing.